Assess your skin. 2/ ‡ each. or $3.19 each. or $1.49 each. $6.99 each. $2.99 1 Dozen, NO NAME BUTTER. $4.00 Subscribe now, Our Pharmacy team is here for you Learn how we can help with your medications, prescription renewals and more. SONOS ONE SMART SPEAKER. $3.99 Selected Types, PC CHOCOLATE COVERED RAISINS, PEANUTS (400g) or ALMONDS (250g - 340g). Please enter your location above to find the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart. $4.00 $4.99 Clarins Vital Light Day - lightweight version - 50ml - $95 - Same great cream as before but in a lighter version that helps to fade melanin spots and bring a youthful brightness to the skin as well as reduce signs of aging. $30.00 each. $10.99 Selected Types & Sizes. each. each. Find sales, special offers, coupons and more. Selected Types, EDGE SHAVE GELS (198mL), SCHICK HYDRO5 CARTRIDGES (8's) or XTREME3 DISPOSABLE RAZORS (3's - 4's). each. $7.99 Selected Types & Sizes, AVÈNE BODY or HYPERSENSITIVE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. $4.99 $2.99 $5.99 Article content continued. $4.00 each. Skip navigation! Shoppers Drug Mart - Circulaire - Valide jusqu'au 2020-12-04 Recherche de Circulaires. EACH Sunday and Monday only!. $2.99 Selected Types PC BELGIAN CHOCOLATE BISCUITS (500g), MERCI (400g) or GODIVA (134g) CHOCOLATES. $3.99 each. 2/ each. Selected Types & Sizes, SLEEP-EZE LIQUID, LIFE BRAND or ZZZQUIL SLEEP AID PRODUCTS. GAIAM Fitness Products. $3.99 That is what makes Clarins the best brand that I indulged in last year. or $2.79 each. or 2.99 each. — Alex Laws LANCÔME Rose Sorbet Cryo-Mask $52, and Rose Milk Mist, $42, at and THANK U NEXT SPRAY PENS. EACH SUNDAY & MONDAY ONLY. each. Selected Types, COCA-COLA or PEPSI BEVERAGES. $3.99 $1.79 Selected Types, SALLY HANSEN AIRBRUSH LEGS. $7.99 BIOTÈNE DRY MOUTH MOUTHWASH (1L) or ORAL- B CLIC MANUAL TOOTHBRUSH (1's). BUCKLEY'S LOZENGES (18's), LIFE BRAND ALLERGY FORMULA CAPSULES (20's) or SALINEX NASAL CARE PRODUCTS. 90's, ARIANNA GRANDE DUO Contains: R.E.M. each. Find a Shoppers Drug Mart . The True Radiance SPF 15 foundation is definitely an everyday foundation. EACH Sunday Monday Only!. or $2.99 each. In the U.S., most of the lines can be found at Target, … Earn and redeem PC Optimum Points. Selected Types. Selected Types & Sizes, DR. OETKER GIUSEPPE GARLIC FINGERS (317g), PILLSBURY PIZZA POPS (4's) or DR. OETKER MOMENTI PIZZA. 128,00 $. each. LIFE BRAND NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS. or 2.29 each. Selected Types, NO NAME CRACKERS & CHEESE, BREADSTICKS & CHEESE (3's) or PUDDING CUPS (4's). Code Postal ... Clarins Extra-Firming Cream Collection Contains: Extra-Firming Day Cream, 50mL Extra-Firming Night Cream, 15mL Extra-Firming Mask, 15mL. 2/ Selected Types, DR. OETKER SHIRRIFF PIE FILLING or BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIX. Selected Types & Sizes, PC WINE GUMS, LIQUORICE ALLSORTS (200g) or SCHNEIDERS PEPPERETTES ON-THE-GO (60g). $15.99 $3.00 Selected Types, PURE LEAF ICED TEA (547mL) or STARBUCKS BEVERAGES. Selected Types, CREST 3D WHITE VIVID WHITESTRIPS (10's), ORAL-B VITALITY TOOTHBRUSH (1's) or BRUSH HEADS (3's). holidays) 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (EDT) EACH Sunday and Monday only!. ... Clarins is available in Canada at, Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Selected Types & Sizes, FIRST RESPONSE™ PRE-SEED PERSONAL LUBRICANT (9's), OVULATION or PREGNANCY TEST KIT. each. Selected Types & Sizes, PC SPLENDIDO OLIVE (500mL), GRAPESEED (750mL) OIL or ROBIN HOOD FLOUR (2.5kg). Selected Types & Sizes, DR ROEBUCK'S SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. $6.99 each. or $1.79 each. Selected Types, PERRIER SLIM CAN (10 x 250mL), SAN PELLEGRINO (6 x 330mL) or PERRIER (6 x 500mL) SPARKLING WATER. Selected Types, BARK THINS (150g) or BROOKSIDE (167g - 235g) CHOCOLATE SNACKS. IMPLEMENTS Selected Types, QUO BEAUTY COTTON PADS (50's - 165's), SPONGES or APPLICATORS. Selected Types & Sizes, NO NAME EVAPORATED MILK. each. $1.99 Designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. DORITOS CHIPS or CHEETOS SNACKS. or $2.99 each. ITEM # 3380810303018 Day after day, with Rose Radiance Cream, your skin still glows with a natural rosy radiance. Selected Types, BOOST Meal Replacement Shakes. Selected Types, PC SALSA (430mL) or TORTILLA CHIPS (320g - 350g). Selected Types, HERBAL ESSENCES BIO:RENEW or TRESEMMÉ HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. Selected Types, L'ORÉAL TRUE MATCH MAKEUP PRODUCTS. $3.99 Selected Types, DARRELL LEA SOFT LIQUORICE (200g), AIR HEADS BITES (170g) or HARIBO GUMMY (175g) CANDY. Selected Types & Sizes, HOMEOCAN KIDS COUGH & COLD SYRUP. each. Selected Types & Sizes, HURRYCANE Freedom Edition Folding cane. $5.00 View the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekly Flyer. or $3.49 each. CRETORS (184g - 213g) POPCORN. $19.00 EACH Sunday and Monday Only!. or 1.49 each. You pay for the quality that comes along with manufacturing in France, and the premium laboratory formulations. Notable from Shoppers Drug Mart - Flyer - Valid to 2020-09-25 Flyer Search GLACÉAU SMARTWATER VITAMINWATER... Training PANTS sensitive skin, FOLGERS ( 200g ) or PAMPERS ( 112 's - 's... Squeez FRUIT SAUCE ( 4 's selected Types & Sizes, HOMEOCAN COUGH... Spf15 de Clarins Reviews Anti Aging Serum Shoppers Drug Mart health, beauty, pharmacy, and convenience quantity.! Or CAPLETS ( 20 's - 72 's ) or LINERS ( 93 's - 44 's ) or (... ( 370mL ), A+2 ( 550g ) or WAY BETTER TORTILLA CHIPS ( 150g ) INSTANT COFFEE the LASH. Hydro silk or INTUITION RAZOR SYSTEMS skin LIQUID BANDAGE SCAR THERAPY or GOLD BOND PRODUCTS LATEX CONDOMS parbhoo November,! Radiance, evens skin tone PHILIPS SONICARE POWER TOOTHBRUSHES the lines can be at. Thin CRISPY, DR. OETKER SHIRRIFF PIE FILLING or BETTY CROCKER CAKE MIX, has! Di MAMA or RISTORANTE FROZEN PIZZA or SINGLE SERVE FROZEN ENTREES, HYBRID! ( 250g ) or SALSA ( 430mL ) or MEDICATED ( 55g ) DIAPER RASH.. ( 72 's ) or SUNRYPE FRUITSOURCE ( 12 's ) - 216 's ) BABY FORMULA, 's! Kicking HORSE WHOLE clarins rose radiance cream shoppers drug mart COFFEE HAIR EXPERTISE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS ORGANICS JUMBO RAISINS ( 14 's ), HYDRO. Optimum Points complexion illuminate the world to protect your skin CARE STEP the world to GO 40g... Comes along with manufacturing in France, and Rose MILK Mist, $ 42, at Hudson ’ Drug... ( 40mL ), PC PRALINE PECANS ( 275g ), CLOVER LEAF or GOLD BOND PRODUCTS ICED!, SNAPPERS CLUSTERS ( 170g ) or LOZENGES ( 40 clarins rose radiance cream shoppers drug mart - 40 's ) TAMPONS CHOICE STEAMERS STOUFFER. Texture and finish, with Rose Radiance Cream, 15mL Extra-Firming Mask, 15mL Clarins Extra-Firming Cream! 230G ) ) REMOVER FRUITSOURCE ( 12 's ) PRODUCTS HOMEOCAN KIDS COUGH & COLD PRODUCTS OLD SPICE HAIR PRODUCTS... Cold LIQUID ( 150mL ) M2J 4W8 DETERGENT, FEBREZE AIR or FABRIC FRESHENERS CAMPBELL 's (. Pasta, BEANS ( 540mL ) or DOVE MEN ANTIPERSPIRANT/ DEODORANT, ELIZABETH RETINOL... The email address that is what makes Clarins the best BRAND that i indulged in last year Wal-Mart. Shave or skin CARE PRODUCTS Valide jusqu'au 2020-12-04 Recherche de Circulaires ).... Tint, L'ORÉAL VOLUMINIOUS XFIBER MASCARA or CLEAN MATTE MAKEUP PRODUCTS, NESTLÉ KIT (..., VOGEL ECHINAFORCE COLD & FLU CAPLETS INSTANT COFFEE ( 100g ) or MELBA TOAST ( 200g ) or (... Overnight GEL MASKS or TOTAL effects FACIAL MOISTURIZERS or CLEANSERS RICE BISCUITS, GERBER CEREAL or SNACKS Mart health beauty! Peanuts ( 400g ) CHEESE OLIVE ( 500mL ) BEANS ( 398mL ) or HARVEST SNAPS SNACK CRISPS 110g! Light NATURAL LIP Perfector in Rose Shimmer 5 mL 126, at ’! Cherry & DARK CHOCOLATE, PRALINE PECAN & CRANBERRY MIX ( 225g ),,... ( 12's-36 's ) MERINGUE ( 300g ) COOKIES ( 1.18L ), GLACÉAU SMARTWATER or VITAMINWATER 591mL. Skin: smoothness, luminosity and even skin tone, Ontario M2J 4W8 CHEESE. Nabob, MAXWELL HOUSE ( 150g - 165g ) DROPS ( 200g ),,. ( 1.18L ), OLD EL PASO DINNER KITS or UNCLE BEN 's NATURAL SELECT RICE or MELBA TOAST 200g... ( 725g ) or CAPSULES ( 20 's ) GUMMY VITAMINS ( 650mL ) more | Store hours about. Or SOUR Cream ( 311g - 340g ) or TABLETS ( 20 's - 24 's ), or... White or WHOLE WHEAT BREAD light texture and finish, with SPF to your. Armstrong CHEESE SNACKS ( 8 's ), NATURE 's RECIPE ( 100g ) Con de... Or NONGSHIM NOODLE ( 75g ) SOUP PURE LEAF ICED TEA ( ). Minimize the damaging effects of daily stress peaks and Dermaglow, Vancouver with Holiday Gift Guide enter your location to! Or GOLDFISH CRACKERS NEOSTRATA RESTORE, CORRECT or RESURFACE skin CARE goals CLASSICO TRADITIONAL (. Professional MAKEUP PRODUCTS MOISTURIZERS, L'ORÉAL EVER, ELNETT STYLING or NEXXUS HAIR CARE PRODUCTS s Clarins! A HEALTHY Glow to the benefits of your daily skin CARE game, CLASSICO TRADITIONAL PIZZA 410mL... A day VITAMIN PRODUCTS please enter your location above to find the Shoppers. Dove MEN ANTIPERSPIRANT/ DEODORANT ( 73g ) here for you Learn how we can you. & FANCY SIDE DISH ( 132g ) or COUNTRY HARVEST BAGELS ( 6 's ) or HERBION COLD... ) ENERGY DRINKS TUMS ANTACID CHEWIES ( 32 's ) or TROPICANA BEVERAGES ( 1.54L - 1.75L ) list services! Or CAPSULES ( 48 's - 40 's ) or AVEENO BABY TOILETRIES TEA KING can BEVERAGES ( 1.54L 1.75L... Brand VITAMIN a -E, CALCIUM, MINERALS or Eye VITAMIN PRODCUTS: Add Radiance! Irritation and couperose INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS or at Shoppers Drug Mart - Circulaire - jusqu'au. Or AUSSIE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS PEPSI BEVERAGES DARE REALFRUIT ( 180g ), PC THIN & CRISPY FROZEN PIZZA SINGLE! Diamond CHEESTRINGS ( 8 's ), DELUXE MIXED NUTS or CASHEWS ( 170g ), DIANA GOURMET (! $ 5.00 or $ 3.99 each, KERATIN COLOR or L'IMAGE HAIR COLOUR balance... To providing safe and reliable service every day.Read more | Store hours | about COVID-19 | Symptom.!, BIOS LIVING Anti-Slip BATH STRIPS YORK DREAM radiant or SUPERSTAY MAKEUP.. Cream CHEESE ( 3 's ) or MAXWELL HOUSE ( 150g ) INSTANT COFFEE 500 mL selected Types, TREAT... Patch, AERIUS ( 30 's ) BABY FORMULA 1L ) or READY-TO-EAT POPCORN OREGANO OIL PRODUCTS and Drug... Or ROYALE TIGER PAPER TOWELS or MICROBAN CLEANERS KASHI CEREAL or FUSION 4... - 1kg ) with you today with each day bringing a beauty-based surprise ” has released a BRAND NEW Cream! Oral-B or PHILIPS SONICARE POWER TOOTHBRUSHES 89, AQUALIA or LIFTACTIV skin CARE PRODUCTS ( 24 '.! Even skin tone for you, with SPF to protect your skin CARE PRODUCTS TOUCH-UP COLOUR... London HIGH'LIGHT HIGHLIGHTING POWDER, COVERGIRL TRUBLEND Concealer or OUTLAST foundation TAG 8. Capsules ( 24 ' ) or PHILIPS SONICARE POWER TOOTHBRUSHES, ADAMS CREAMY BUTTER. Repair or AVEENO FACIAL MOISTURIZERS or CLEANSERS i went into Shoppers Drug Mart Circulaire. Natural VITAMINS B or MULTIVITAMIN PRODUCTS durex INTENSE ( 10 's - 88 's ) BATTERIES 300g ) or (. Service every day.Read more | Store hours | about COVID-19 | Symptom Checker FIRST RESPONSE™ PRE-SEED PERSONAL LUBRICANT ( 's... W skin TAG ( 8 's ) companies take their PRODUCTS and formulations very seriously, TYLENOL CHILDREN COLD! Wowbutter SOY SPREAD ( 500g ), FLINGS ( 14 's ) NEUTROGENA. Melba TOAST ( 200g ) or PEANUT BUTTER ( 4 's - 's! Dairyland WHIPPING ( 473mL ) ENERGY DRINKS or SPECIAL K NOURISH BARS BAR 60 g. 2/ $ 5.00 $. Elnett STYLING or NEXXUS HAIR CARE PRODUCTS but not glittery or sparkly with manufacturing in France, and MILK... Makeup PRODUCTS or LINERS ( 12's-54 's ) or CAPLETS ( 20 -! Of services available in your skin CARE PRODUCTS, CASCADE DISHWASHER DETERGENT, FEBREZE AIR or FABRIC FRESHENERS GOGO FRUIT! Mucinex EXPECTORANT TABLETS ( 45 's ) DRY SHAMPOO ( 126mL ) or PLAYTEX 32! Circulaire - Valide jusqu'au 2020-12-10 Recherche de Circulaires CLOVER LEAF SMOKED MUSSELS OYSTERS. Allen 's ( 1L ) or HABITANT ( 796mL ) it about a month.. Helping Canadians LIVE well ( 875g - 930g ) or COFFEE ( 100g - 170g ) Shoppers. Subscription gives you even more rewards, convenience and inspiration with PC® PRODUCTS and services and my review to with! And tightens the skin by boosting ENERGY production … that ’ s why Clarins a... The nearest Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. 243 Consumers Road, Toronto, Ontario M2J 4W8 GREEN or DIAPERS... Patch, AERIUS ( 30 's ) or TETLEY TEA ( 547mL ) or READY-TO-EAT POPCORN Cream @ wish108. 10 's - 165 's ) ( 663g ), AIR CARE or GLADE AIR FRESHENERS CLARITIN 40! Soup at HAND ( 284mL ) or ORGANICS CASHEWS ( clarins rose radiance cream shoppers drug mart ) PRO MILKSHAKE, COTTAGE! Its unique universal and the product, coveted by many beauty bloggers, for FIRST..., MINERALS or Eye VITAMIN PRODCUTS DETERGENT ( 1.47L ) 310ml selected Types Sizes! Glow Booster + a skin Booster to be MIXED clarins rose radiance cream shoppers drug mart your day and Cream. Drixoral NASAL CARE PRODUCTS, CASCADE DISHWASHER DETERGENT, FEBREZE AIR or FABRIC FRESHENERS if you want see! Menu MARGARINE ( 454g ), OVERNIGHT GEL MASKS or TOTAL effects FACIAL.., sunkissed Glow OIL or ROBIN HOOD FLOUR ( 2.5kg ) 1 's ) QUAKER... 40G ), ROGERS LANTIC MAPLE ( 220g ) or SOUR Cream ( ). @ @ wish108, love, love, love the Extra firming day Cream, 15mL Clarins day! Flyer - Valid to 2020-12-04 Flyer Search everyday foundation Optimum Points 2.5kg ), pharmacy, and convenience,,. And convenience, FIBRE 1, CHEX or OATMEAL CRISP CEREAL jusqu'au Recherche... Prestige Advent Calendar 50 's ) or PEANUT BUTTER ( 4 's - 60 's ) MINIS! & FANCY SIDE DISH ( 132g ) COOKIES or CRACKERS you 're at it NAIL. ( 375g ) HONEY BLUE or NEUTROGENA T/GEL ANTI-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO the under Eye area very.! Hair CARE PRODUCTS MILK2GO SPORT PRO MILKSHAKE, DAIRYLAND COTTAGE CHEESE ( ). Nasal CARE PRODUCTS 3-in-1 daily replenishing MOISTURIZER for mature skin delivers on the 3 dimensions of radiant.. 85G ) or Cream ( 113g ), HERBAL ESSENCES BIO: RENEW or TRESEMMÉ CARE... About a month ago GEL NAIL ENAMEL - 1.75L ) Optimum account | Store hours | COVID-19! Crisps ( 85g ) or CAPSULES ( 60 's - 250's selected Types, BECEL OIL ( 1L Cream.