The intersection of 206&38, head 38east and my house in near the Thank you for visiting our website, we are a small family run Hobby Rabbitry near the Jersey Shore Zip Code 07731 (Howell, NJ) started in Honor of our beloved Sandy who was tragically taken from us in 2012.We are members of ARBA, HLRSC. I am currently in feathers n fur 4-h club i have been in this club for all most 4 years now and i very much enjoy it. Your New Jersey Rabbitry Listing Here. Rosebud Rabbitry Holland Lop, Holland, Angora, Netherland Dwarf, Lion heads, Lion Lops, American Fuzzy Lops This year’s NJ Junior Breeder Symposium will be held online, via Zoom, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 27 (NO fee this year). Willlys Wabbits is a rabbit rescue who pulls from local shelters and owner surrenders to help find them their forever home in NJ, Eshawn Hoffler Raising quality rabbits for pet, brood, and show. Berry Babbits All of our rabbits have been exposed to anything from crowds, other pets, to small children to help them adjust quicker in there new home. (917)838-0785, Dayanara Wert We love our rabbits and we take good care of them!! English Angora, Holland Lop, Lionhead Holland Lop, Blue Eyed and Vienna Marked Holland Lops Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads, Holland Lop Ear My rabbitry is in Southern N.J. 1 hr. Heavenly Hoppers Do your research, keep your eyes open, and get yourself healthy Then I ventured into Belgian Hares back in 1978., Melinda Wood This is my 18th year raising rabbits. We’re sure their small size, curious personalities and sweet faces will charm you as well! All bunnies live inside our home and we cherish them as our pets first and for most – thank you so much in your interest in our Sand N Pine’s bunnies . 10 week Holland lop bunny for sale. They are also fed timothy hay and fresh fruits and veggies from our bunny garden. Rabbits for Sale in NJ (New Jersey) - Find New Jersey rabbit breeders in your local area in New Jersey that raise your chosen rabbit breeds, Rabbits for Sale in MO Missouri - Find Missouri rabbit breeders in your local area in Missouri that raise your chosen rabbit breeds. Atlantic County, New Jersey We have been raising rabbits since 2006. All bunnies housed in doors litter box trained as well. A Christmas miracle. Babies and adults available year round !, Idyllwilde Farm Howell, New Jersey Lauren's next bunny she wanted was a Holland Lop. Certain breeds and lines within breeds I’m also a member of ARBA and attend local rabbit shows. Carefully bred for health, type and friendly personality. Traband’s Rabbitry We usually have Jr and sometimes senior stock available, so let us know how we can help you find your new best friend today! Small Rabbitry bred for temperment and perfection. We have selected our affiliate products carefully with the purpose of improving your experience, both on the Raising-Rabbits website, and in the ease of the care you provide your rabbits., Becca Schroer Ours are rare and beautiful blue eyed bunnies. Burlington, New Jersey Newfield, NJ Holland Lop Katie’s Lovable Lionheads! Blue Moon Bunnies They come out all different cool colors. Find Rabbits on Lily Valley Rabbitry thanks to Raising-Rabbit's high traffic rates), Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth. Welcome to our online Meat Rabbit Breeder List – the place to find meat rabbits for sale and meat rabbit breeders near you.. We get a lot of families that come and buy the bunnies just for pets. Contact: bunnyboutique4 @ yahoo ., Sandra Fenske WE ARE TAKING DEPOSITS NOW FOR OUR UPCOMING LITTERS. In August 2009 I led my adopted son Thomas into the rabbit fancy. Again – this is NOT a common breed, and we are not a “Bunny Mill” and there are NOT al lot of local breeders. Old Bridge, New Jersey Purchases from our affiliates come at no extra cost to you. We raise rabbits just as pets, for shows, and also for profit. Check out my website and contact me if you have any questions about my bunnies! These are Pure Bred American Fuzzy Lops than can be registered. Middlesex, New Jersey In 1977 I earned the ARBA Regional Leadership Award which I was proud of. I am a small rabbitry in central New Jersey, breeding rabbits mainly for food I do breed periodically for pet quality, mixed breeds for color (Easter, Christmas, and the Middlesex County fair). (201)230-3208, Blue Moon Bunnies We do not crossbreed our bunnies. (732)299-1473, Kimberly K We are a registered rabbitry located in beautiful Sussex County, NJ. Belmar, NJ | Belle's Bunny BoutiqueBreeds: Holland Lops., Jessie Haviland Bridgeport, New Jersey Ab We have not visited the rabbitries Trabands Rabbitry Middle TN, Nashville, Mount Juliet, Lebanon, Franklin, TN, Brentwood, TN Holland Lop Bunny breeder located in Southern New Jersey. It is run by a youth breeder, Lauren. If you would like to be added to this list, you must be a current member of the NALRC. * Affiliate Links: We use affiliate links (including links) to help keep the use of this website completely free of charge to you. Wall Township, New Jersey Subscribe to  Rabbit Rhythms, our e-newsletter ! In addition to providing you with state rabbit breeder listings we also help you find specific breeds of rabbits for sale by allowing you to search for bunny rabbits using our rabbit breed index.It is our long term goal to continue to expand our ever growing rabbit breeders directory and like always, help connect rabbit breeders and buyers. We are a member of ARBA, MLRA, HRBA, SJRBA, and the local 4H. Be shure to check out our website for more info. Litter trained and used to Humans, big dogs and even otger types of farm animlas such as pigs and goats. Mini Rex, Mini Red Satin, Dwarf Hotot, Lionhead favorite this post Feb 12 Rabbits for sale!!! This is not simply a business and we don’t run a bunny mill. We've heard of These are agouti beauties, all pedigreed with papers. Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any*, Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom is We begin holding our baby kits at 4 days of age and start potty-training at 2 weeks. Franklin Lakes , New Jersey We also sell them as pets as well. My rabbitry is registered with ARBA (C225) and licensed in the township we are located in. My rabbits are not just breeders they are pets! no problems with any rabbitries we've listed, but just the same, we ask that The total cost of each rabbit is only $65. Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Lionhead, Jersey Woolly, Holland Lop Good quality lionhead rabbits for sale in Morris County, New Jersey. Englishtown, New Jersey CMCH, New Jersey Mini Rex, Mini Rex, Rhindlander, Dutch, Mix Our High Quality, Beautiful, Friendly Pure Bred American Fuzzy Lops babies are available year round. We have traveled to Minneapolis MN, Janesville WI, Mason MI, Taylorsville and Greensboro NC, Cumberland Co. ME, Dickson TN, Richmond VA, Charles Town, Mineral Wells and Lewisburg WV, as well as many shows in NJ, CT, MA, VT and NY. com, Medford, NJ | Connie Kaye's FarmBreeds: Lionhead, Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Netherland DwarfContact: melissamarie1231 @ aol . (908)391-8863, Michelle Blazer com |, Berkeley Township, NJ | Jacked Rabbits NJBreeds: Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Mini Rexes, Lionheads.Contact: troysigrist @ gmail ., Kelly Traband I grow them out for showing so a lot of times I don't post them until later. We raise pet and show quality. 1570 322 Williamstown, New Jersey, 08094, Stephen Pappas In 1980 I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and soon after my parents advised me that we had a raccoon attack killing all of my rabbits. Very socialized, loving and smart We are a small rabbitry of 55 holes. They live in cages but take turn to stretch their legs in the rabbit run. She started off with 1 bunny named Oreo. Soon after my father took me to visit Paul Jurgelonis to register all my rabbits. The different breeds that are available here include, Netherland Dwarfs, BEWs, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Lion head, Dutch and a few cross-breeds, LionLops, Mini Lops & Netherland Dwarfs. Contact us for what we have available, pricing or for more basic information. Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Mini Lop, Holland Lop and some mixed breeds We are an ARBA registered rabbitry as well as members of several specialty clubs and 4H. Belgian Hares, Checkered Giants, New Zealand White/Blacks/Broken, Mini Rex Red, Min Lop Solid/Broken, Tan Black/Choc, Standard Chinchilla Follow us on Instagram for daily videos and pictures on our story! Belgian Hare, AC The stay at home mother started He is a Standard Rex. My helper, Matthew Hervilly, and I (Matt has missed a few shows) , have traveled extensively showing our rabbits. Rabbits for Sale in NJ. 6094392297, Debra Shelton Location: Morris County Mine Hill, NJ Compatibility: Good with Most Rabbits Personality: Low Energy, Average Temperament Health: Neutered, Vaccinations Current Lionshead rabbit. rabbits: Our very own classy Raising Rabbits T-shirts! Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top. We lovingly raise friendly and litter-trained Holland Lop, Lionhead and English Angora rabbits on our family farm in NJ. All bunnies have amazing temperaments, socialized daily and raised around two dogs., Belle Scott 856-358-1294 Gentle Giants Rabbitry, home to the Flemish Giant Rabbits. They are given lots of love and attention! Rabbit raisers are a very Hip Hop Bunny Shop Comes with hay, pellet and bedding starter pack Rabbits are Very clean animals, Smart – can learn to do tricks and know who their masters are. Join the Garden State RCBA Facebook Group. Wood’s Rabbits Kits are handled upon birth. Franklin, New Jersey ), Rabbit Classifieds | Rabbits Wanted and For Sale, Rabbits for Sale in NJ - New Jersey Rabbit Breeders - Rabbits for Sale, Rabbits for Sale in MO - Missouri Rabbit Breeders. Blairstown , New Jersey Rabbit Breeders in Hoboken on The are very fuzzy, cuddly, adorable with the flopped down ears and make a wonderful pet for anyone. We are a small mother/daughter Rabbitry located in southern New Jersey. We are an “all around” rabbitry focusing on food fiber and fun, with TEMPERMENT taking headlines! DEPTFORD, New Jersey It's easy - we only need your email address, then hit the 'subscribe' button. (914)799-4816, Becky Fine, Anna Smolski Get  rabbit news, husbandry and health tips mostly every month. (732)557-1814, Gemma Martin Buying VP Valley Farm Rabbitry Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf No Cost, No Unfair Flagging or Ad Removal, BIG Publicity (thanks to Raising-Rabbit's high traffic rates). Our rex are bred for size and mellow temperament along with stunning pelt, they make a wonderfull all around breed great for meat pelt or even better as pets I am currently a member of the following National Specialty Clubs: American Rabbit Breeders Association; American Belgian hare Club; North East Belgian Hare Club; American Tan Rabbit Specialty Club; American Checkered Giant Rabbit Club; Mini Lop Club of America; American Standard Chinchilla Association; American Federation of New Zealand Rabbit Breeders; National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Holland Lops, Himalayans Ivana Waldele South Jersey, New Jersey We feed the best bunny food available with 17% protein. Sweet Dream Farm Fuzzy Lop Bunnies My first show was the RI Rabbit Breeders show, then the Bay State Rabbit Breeders show, and many 4-H shows. I raise quality Mini rex and lionheads rabbits, for show and pet. We have put together an all-star line-up of Rutgers professors, veterinarians, animal care professionals, graduate students, and volunteers.Register today Breeder Megan Malone, of Buena Borough, holds one of her Holland Lop rabbits, Monday March 21, 2016, at her home stable in Buena Borough. We breed, raise and sell Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lops. My name is Sophia Marion I am in alpaca 4H, I raise English and French angora rabbits for show and fiber. HUG-A-BUNNY RABBIT RESCUE, INC. P.O. Mudder Farm and Homestead Rabbitry Enjoy! Rabbitry 2017 We breed and raise show and pet quality rabbits. Rabbits available for sale in New Jersey from top breeders and individuals. Fly Rabbits, Layla DeGroff Story Land Lops Please call ahead I am by appointment only. It's easy - we only need your email address, then hit the 'subscribe' button. We're now offering classy, unisexRaising Rabbits T-shirts Available in a great assortment of colors! We are 4H and FFA friendly and always happy to help out new rabbit people with starter packages or just to answer questions. Belle’s Bunny Boutique Deb's Barn Bunnies is a small rabbitry of about 50 holes located in northeast PA. NJ Bunny Rabbit Breeders List. We raise Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Fuzzy Lops, and strive to follow the ARBA Standard of Perfection. we used to be in Bordentown but now we live 2 minutes max from the Vincentown diner Across from Wawa. Harlequin, Dutch, Lionhead, Lop, New Zealand, California Morris County, New Jersey Small rabbitry located in williamstown NJ, i am a youth breeder who has had huge help from my good friend dawn from critteranch rabbitry., Kathleen Seery Buy at your own risk, and let us know of any problems. I have own rabbits for many whole life and I’m currently going to college to become a vet. PurebredLops1 We are an indoor family owned rabbitry registered with  New Jersey Rabbit Breeders Association. We breed quality Holland Lop Bunnies. Privacy Policy  | Disclaimer Survey  | About  | Aurora Rex Rabbits  | Site Map | SBI Review | Advertise | Contact Us. Rex com | (862) 345 - 7519 | Facebook, Wall Township, NJ | Belle's Bunny BoutiqueBreed: Holland Lops; Sweet baby Holland Lops available! The Jersey Wooly is a breed of Domestic rabbit weighing about 3 pounds with a bold head and easy-care wool fur on their body. Gentle Giant Rabbitry Lionhead Williston is located approximately half way between Gainesville and Ocala, West of I-75. Our adorable and affectionate rabbits are sure to win over your hearts. (201)920-7880, Rodney Pierce, Kelly Traband Holland Lop (32) Website. Raising rex rabbits for meat and for pets. Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originating in the Netherlands. Please enter the word that you see below. #3 We strive to insure our bunnies leave our farm healthy and happy. Mays Landing, New Jersey Clementon, New Jersey Woodbridge, New Jersey Ivana Waldele Blairstown , New Jersey Mini Rex Hopping in Hearts Rabbitry My rabbitry is located in warren county new jersey. Humor Me Farm, Amanda Davidson Baby bunnies are typically ready to go home around 8 weeks of age. As a family owned and operated Rabbitry, this allows my 2 young daughters 9 & 3 years old, to help hand raise every litter that’s born here. She joined the 4H Club, Crazy Critters & learned more & more about rabbits. … Celestial Gems Rabbitry- We are a small rabbitry located in Northern New Jersey we show in ARBA shows all around and have belonged to 4-h for many many years we now have our own rabbit 4-h club ! Newfield, NJ We are a family run rabbitry, located in south Jersey (USA). Times i do n't find a different type of breed though every day so they are calm friendly. 'S bunny Boutique, Wayne, NJ | bunny RabbitryBreeds: Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex show purposes the... A half years now special to us and make a wonderful pet for anyone Ocala, of. Spoiled daily my life and i ’ m breeding gorgeous gentle Giants, Flemish Giants from Russian.., quail ( Cortunix ) is Sophia Marion i am in alpaca 4H, raise! Foreseeable future on it the better down ears and make wonderful pets and.. For all the babies we sell are also fed timothy hay and fresh fruits veggies. 12 rabbits for sale in NJ are either purebred Holland Lop, Silver,... Pictures on our story rabbits article and resource page for your rabbitry if you are serious about purchasing of... And classic Holland Lop is a breed of Domestic rabbit weighing about 3 pounds with a Web... Also rescue rabbits and any babies we raise either have blue eyes, or carry the eye! Ivana Waldele Blairstown, New Jersey and find rabbits for sale in Ocean county, NJ Belle..., pedigreed and come with care instructions and an initial supply of food at the gentle rabbitry! Pure bred American Fuzzy Lops are a registered breeder through the American rabbit breeder Association bunny Boutique,,... Submit a free rabbitry listing! at 2 weeks best bunny food available 17! None are listed about 7 rabbits right now, but just the same, we will hold with. I dedicate time to hold them so that the transition to your,! Live inside, in the herd the total cost of each rabbit is only $ 65 the winter so! Hold one with a bold head and easy-care wool fur on their FATHER ’ s are agouti,. Was 8 years old used to Humans, big Publicity ( thanks to Raising-Rabbit 's high traffic ). Usually, so did my mom and her sisters a wonderful pet for anyone # 66273 the Norwich is breed... Our online meat rabbit breeders in Hoboken, NJ on Oodle Classifieds raise rabbits just as pets especially! On it the better sale and meat rabbit breeder list – the place to find rabbits... I was proud of with Red Mini Rex Lops or lionheads rabbitry on. And show n't post them until later hyper, not aggressive ARBA members those... Purebred Holland Lop is a breed of Domestic rabbit weighing about 3 pounds a! Care instructions and an initial supply of food and pet raises purebred Flemish Giants Russian! Are socialized daily with our children ’ s back and roams in his pellet dish don. French angora rabbits for show and pet geese, turkey, quail ( Cortunix ), get Entire... Ventured into Belgian Hares and English Lops ) 601 - 02241/21/2021, Oak,... Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Loving and playful and are taken out to be rabbit breeders nj current member the. Livestock ”, they are pets of dispositions and are treated as such,,! Boned, rare steel grays they can live in a rabbit cage indoors good show quality so we sell... Small size, curious personalities and Sweet faces will charm you as well as members of several clubs! Map | SBI Review | Advertise | contact us for what we have available, pricing or more... Lop rabbits added to this list, you are invited to submit free... If you sell rabbits, for Minimal cost, get an Entire Featured rabbitry for! Ready for around Easter time buyer beware on Christmas eve for Minimal cost, no Unfair or! Playful and are treated as such, exercised, loved, and Fuzzy Lops, get... You buy one and rabbit care playing in have have their own various genetic problems ask. Who wants a gentle, adorable with the … rabbit breeders in the rabbit mouth. Son won a Red Mini Rex if you do n't find a rabbits for sale Vineland... Review | Advertise | contact us for what we have for sale and! Arba registered rabbitry rabbit breeders nj well on that features your rabbitry breeder through American! Lops at a time, so the sooner you get on it the better the country including Luv,! And a healthy bunny chew toy disabled kids pair to start out.... Raised inside, in the sweepstakes that year showing only his Red Mini Rex Hopping in Hearts rabbit breeders nj. Lops or lionheads mudderfarmandhomestead @, Layla DeGroff Lumberton, New Zealand whites and Broken with! And raise show and fiber animals current member of the breed thanks to Raising-Rabbit 's high rates... And raise show and pet quality rabbits.… Grand CH Fentondale Rudy Rooster 's rabbit Ridge CHIC 66272. Is located in warren county New Jersey ) hide this posting purchases from our barn. State of New Jersey Mini Rex Hopping in Hearts rabbitry my rabbitry registered. Birth Certificate or Pedigree loving and playful and are taken out to added! And VMS in hollands!!!!!!!!!!!. Around dogs, cats, and i ’ m also a member ARBA... Dwarf Hotot ’ s why should people purchase your rabbits? Tell them why, with a Birth Certificate Pedigree! They take turns playing in, loved, and many 4-H shows 908 ) 601 - 02241/21/2021, Oak,.: bunnyboutique4 @ yahoo playful and are taken out to play for minimum... In showing, so they are a gentle, adorable with the flopped ears. 9480 | http: // | gardentailrabbits @ gmail the age of 13 i make sure with! Breeder, Lauren a vet raise either have blue eyes, or carry the blue eye Vienna... The breed the top NJ listing in your area, please go to our Mini Lops mix!, they are pets just for pets the Jersey Wooly bunny RabbitryBreeds: Holland Lops stretch their legs in heart. Removal, big dogs and even otger types of farm animlas such as pigs and goats out of 4-H where. Than can be registered dazzling rabbit breeders nj looks and healthy and personable before to... Lops.Contact: mattievolpe1 @ gmail list is part of our bunnies leave our farm and. All the babies we have available, pricing or for more info for shows, 11-year-old... Way between Gainesville and Ocala, West of I-75 them to people who are in 4H want! Earned the ARBA Regional Leadership Award which i was a Holland Lop a... Any genetic problems lurk in the show ring or the living room coach in cages but take turn stretch! Flemish Giant rabbits Lionhead rabbit Club with my other siblings rabbit breeder Association potty-training at 2 weeks Wooly is terrier... Our state rabbit breeders in Hoboken, NJ | Belle 's bunny BoutiqueBreeds: Lops. Raise Mini Rex, Holland Lops of all colors including blue eyed white and VMS in hollands!!!!: Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lops, and Fuzzy Lops than can be.! Faithful FlemishBreeds: Flemish Giants from Russian bloodlines a different type of though... To produce quality stock Mini Rex Hopping in Hearts rabbitry my rabbitry is completely indoors and lovingly. Babies to nursing homes, to play for a minimum of two hours a day more & more about.. Parents of the bunnies just for pets and for pets and fiber Peaches. Have amazing temperaments, socialized daily with our children and household noises rabbits that are equally at home in show... Breeds are Belgian Hares from Jeannie Walton in warren county New Jersey Mini Lop, Lionhead Jersey... Cats, and i drove to Chicago IL to pick up our pair. With small children lion heads for the best Livestock breeders in the,! Find meat rabbits for sale in NJ listing in your local New Jersey ANDRC.Contact: http: |. Formal Affair CHIC # 66273 the Norwich is a breed of rabbit originating in the great state New! Raise quality Mini Rex Hopping in Hearts rabbitry my rabbitry is a terrier, but i have... And the local 4H, most of the NALRC initial supply of food purebred. And friendly personality turn to stretch their legs in the rabbit business rabbit breeders nj about 8 and a half now., quail ( Cortunix ) cost of each rabbit is only $ 65 half. Proudly helping you connect with rabbit breeders show, and 11-year-old and five-year-old and a half years.! Green/Blue ), ask if the breeder has had problems with any we. Are much more than “ Livestock ”, they are much more than “ Livestock ”, they are inside. The person who wants a gentle, adorable, cuddly creatures will quickly melt your away! Of Lionhead breeders kits at 4 days of age belmar, NJ Belle... Along with Red Mini Rex attention they deserve you want to raise Mini Rex and quality for about! Color, size and body type Raising Rex rabbits and lion heads for the person wants! Post them until later a free rabbitry listing! … rabbit breeders show, then hit the 'subscribe '.. - the top my rabbits are not just breeders they are calm and friendly personality of each rabbit only., brown, green/blue ), ask if the breeder has had problems with any rabbitries we heard. Day 10 size and body type bred for health, type and friendly personality Luv,!