– This historic Route 66 motel (started life as Lin’s Motor Lodge in the 1940’s) offers basic amenities and a seasonal pool. So the average miles it gets per gallon/liter of gasoline. We had a great time. Below is a quick outline of our suggested Route 66 route and the starting and ending points for each day are shown in the map below. This can vary greatly by model. What would you guys recommend? Almost all gas stations take debit and credit cards, but if you try to pay outside at the pump, most pumps require an American credit card to work as they are being authorized against the users billing address before you start pumping (they’ll ask you for your zip code, this is a fraud prevention measure). Today you have a lot of dining choices along the route, especially in Winslow and Flagstaff. What would the itinerary look like for 4 weeks? Museums include the. If you do decide to do it and need any recs, just give us a shout! I would recommend keeping around $100 on you as a group as that should cover any necessity and there are ATMs regularly along the route to take out more cash as needed. Time Zone: 1 hour time zone change today! Although we didn’t do a lot of hiking on this stretch, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding parks and walking trails along the route if you are looking for them. Yes, I think departing after visiting St. Louis, taking I-55 south, and then rejoining via I-40 at Tulsa or Oklahoma City is probably the fastest route. If you are planning to begin and end your Route 66 experience by train, The main national bus company in the United States is, There are a lot of major rental car companies (Thrifty, Hertz, Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise, etc.) Tourists stopping to take a photo doesn’t pay the electric bills for a restaurant, museum, or motel. I love your blog! Or head in for the finish line and then retreat back to Pasadena or San Bernardino if you are looking to stay outside of LA. If you are wanting to overnight outside of Tulsa, you might try staying in Catoosa, OK (17 miles before Tulsa) or around Sapulpa, OK (16 miles past Tulsa). If you are starting in Santa Fe, see Day 9 itinerary for attractions, food, and lodging recommendations along the stretch from Santa Fe to  Albuquerque. You can stop in just about any town along the way to find a good spot, and you will not go hungry today! I truly enjoyed it and would love to do more. Planning on doing this one summer! You also begin driving the longest intact section of Route 66. Would love to read this in full on my breaks at work and make notations and alike. Should I Plan my Route 66 road trip in advance? I think if you are an Elvis fan and really want to see Graceland you should definitely make the detour – as you say you may never get a chance to do it again. I hope you get a chance to see more of the Mother Road in the future! Thanks a lot for your time and this amazing guide! Th: Chicago – Springfield (IL). We have a goal to get out and do some exercise each day before enjoying all the good food options. With respect to Route 66, I have only done a small portion in Arizona. Thanks for all of your hard work on this site. We usually find that Enterprise has the best rates for one way rentals. After a stretch passing some former tourist complexes, graffitid buildings, and old billboards, you’ll come to, At Amboy you can detour southwest if you want to visit, After Amboy, you’ll drive through what once was, Among some derelict former buildings, you’ll find a cafe, motel, and gas station still operating in, Just a short detour north of Dagget, is the. Time Zone: In this section, we note the time zone and any time zone changes for that suggested day’s Route 66 itinerary. If you are renting a car, motorcycle, or RV, you’ll likely want to book a one-way rental unless you are able to drive it back. On most days, you won’t likely have time to stop and explore all of the attractions, so I’d prioritize those that are of most interest. A month would be ideal. his Southern chain focuses on rustic country decor and classic American homestyle meals, including breakfasts, homestyle soups, chicken fried steak, and meat loaf. By the way, there was a fire several years back at the Rock Cafe so they rebuilt, expanded, and updated the original structure. , Best, Lawrence —– Itinerary – Route 66 (July 15th to August 23rd, 2020), Day 1 (07-15): Flight Amsterdam, NL to Chicago, IL Day 2 to 4 (07-16 / 07-18): Exploring Chicago, IL (Chicago Parthenon Hostel, 3 nights), Day 5 (07-19): Chicago, IL to Chenoa, IL (America’s Best Value Inn, 1 night) Day 6 (07-20): Chenoa, IL to Springfield, IL (La Quinta by Wyndham, 1 night) Day 7 (07-21): Springfield, IL to St. Louis, MO (Red Roof Inn PLUS+ Forest Park, 2 nights) Day 8 (07-22): Exploring St. Louis, MO, Day 9 (07-23): St. Louis, MO to Cuba, MO (Wagon Wheel Motel, 1 night) Day 10 (07-24): Cuba, MO to Springfield, MO (Route 66 Best Western Rail Haven, 1 night) Day 11 (07-25): Springfield, MO to Carthage, MO (Boots Court Motel, 1 night) Day 12 (07-26): Carthage, MO tot Tulsa, OK (Ramada by Wyndham, 1 night) Day 13 (07-27): Tulsa, OK to Oklahoma City, OK (Baymont by Wyndham Airport, 2 nights) Day 14 (07-28): Exploring Oklahoma City, OK, Day 15 (07-29): Oklahoma City, OK to Clinton, OK (Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, 1 night) Day 16 (07-30): Clinton, OK to Shamrock, TX (OYO Hotel Route 66, 1 night) Day 17 (07-31): Shamrock, TX to Amarillo, TX (La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Mid-City, 1 night) Day 18 (08-01): Amarillo, TX to Tucumcari, NM (Blue Swallow Motel, 1 night) Day 19 (08-02): Tucumcari, NM to Santa Rosa, NM via Fort Sumner, NM (Americas Best Value Inn, 1 night) Day 20 (08-03): Santa Rosa, NM to Santa Fe, NM via Las Vegas, NM (Motel 6 Plaza-Downtown, 2 nights) Day 21 (08-04): Exploring Santa Fe, NM, Day 22 (08-05): Santa Fe, NM to Albuquerque, NM via Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks (Econo Lodge, 2 nights) Day 23 (08-06): Exploring Albuquerque, NM Day 24 (08-07): Albuquerque, NM to Gallup, NM via Acoma Pueblo ‘Sky City’ (El Rancho Motel, 1 night) Day 25 (08-08): Gallup, NM to Holbrook, AZ via Petrified Forest Park (Brad’s Desert Inn, 1 night) Day 26 (08-09): Holbrook, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ via Meteor Crater & Walnut Canyon Park (Super 8, 2 nights) Day 27 (08-10): Exploring Flagstaff, AZ, Day 28 (08-11): Flagstaff, AZ to Williams, AZ via Grand Canyon Park (Travelodge by Wyndham, 1 night) Day 29 (08-12): Williams, AZ to Kingman, AZ (Red Roof Inn, 1 night) Day 30 (08-13): Kingman, AZ to Las Vegas, NV via Oatman, AZ (Flamingo Hotel & Casino, 2 nights) Day 31 (08-14): Exploring Las Vegas, NV, Day 32 (08-15): Las Vegas, NV to Bryce Canyon City, UT via Zion Park (Quality Inn Western Resort, 1 night) Day 33 (08-16): Bryce Canyon City, UT to Jean, NV via Bryce Canyon Park (Ramada by Wyndham, 1 night) Day 34 (08-17): Jean, NV to Barstow, CA (Route 66 Motel, 1 night) Day 35 (08-18): Barstow, CA to Santa Monica, CA (Airbnb Los Angeles Mid-City, 4 nights), Day 36 to 39 (08-19 / 08-22): Exploring Los Angeles, CA (Quality Inn & Suites LAX, 1 night) Day 37 (08-23): Flight Los Angeles, CA to Amsterdam, NL —–. All readers are encouraged to go to a Weight Watchers meeting for actual Weight Watchers information. As a child, I fell in love with the route 66 television show (1960 to 1964). please tell me that all this information for two week travel is available to purchase in a book! Keep up the amazing work Jessica and Laurence! This will at least give you a good sense of prices for your dates and which companies to check out further. One thing at this early stage – the route is said to be around 2,300 miles, but my distance planner says the total from Chicago to LA along the same route is around 3,400 miles. I have a preference for Albuquerque (used to live there) but Santa Fe is definitely the tourist favorite. One sight I would recommend if you like cars is BILL’S BACKYARD CLASSICS in Amarillo, Texas. Sexy MILF Kate takes a ride on The Tremor for BlowBangGirls. I truly loved reading all of your tips! Incidentally, it’s built with huge rocks/small boulders. I find myself using it daily!!! Last updated: October 23, 2020- Written by Jessica Norah 133 Comments. Concerning the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Oklahoma, we used to stop there occasionally when I was a boy. But perhaps you will be back again some day to visit the spots you miss on this trip. If you need to make up time at any point on the route, you can almost always jump on the Interstate to save time. We are leaving Santa Monica on 11/5, planning a side trip up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and going only as far as your Missouri stop, so we can then head east back home to NC. I also added in the hotels/motels we would like to stay at. Hi Katrin, Well, hopefully you have another chance to drive Route 66 and can use the itinerary next time!! I recommend a shorter driving day here so that you can have extra time for the traffic (traffic will increase steadily as you get closer to Los Angeles), explore the Santa Monica/Los Angeles area if you wish, and also leave you time if you need to return your car or catch a flight out. However, you can easily reverse this route and start your trip in California. To choose a particular section, you can read our Route 66 guide which includes recommendations and descriptions of several section of the route that are best suited to a number of interests and people. Many people use cornstarch (flour) as a substitute for custard powder, but it is basically the custard powder’s main ingredient. Sounds like a great trip and the two are easy to connect. State and national agencies (including the National Parks Service) have been providing funding to help protect the historic road but only time will tell if it continues to be a preserved. So if starting in Chicago, I’d suggest maybe doing the itinerary to Albuquerque. If you head to Tulsa, you’ll probably drive through the small town of Muskogee, Oklahoma – the town for which Merle Haggard’s famous song “Okie from Muskogee” was named (Haggard’s parents were from Oklahoma). HD 71% 7:18. Good value. That is great. I am glad that you are enjoying our Route 66 itinerary and finding it helpful. However, note that taking any long detours will either add additional needed days to your trip or you’ll need to skip some sections of Route 66. Recommended Storage And Handling Conditions. Thanks Denise! These are some really great thoughts and info on Route 66… thank you very much for giving us such good information, its help people. You need about 2 weeks for the Route 66 part of the trip, but you can of course take longer and I think 3 weeks would be ideal. Of course, because of COVID-19, some hotels, restaurants, parks, and attractions are going to be closed along the route. One way to make the most of your time is to just plan ahead and prioritize the places you REALLY want to visit and make sure you have time to stop and see them. After passing through a number of small towns, you’ll end the day in the big city of Tulsa which has a number of interesting attractions. I’d also see how close you can get lodging. For instance on Day 2 of your itinerary, you’ll have to compromise as there is a lot to see from Springfield to Lebanon (including anything you want to visit in St. Louis), but since you can do most of that day on highways/interstates as needed to make up time and just head directly to the sites you most want to see/visit. . I know some already sell videos of footage from the route as well (the museums often have film archives), so that may be of interest as well. Has a lounge and cocktail bar. is a fruit,it should be 0 points, right!! Pinned as usual! No big cities along the route today, although San Bernardino has a population of over 200,000 people. The detailed day-by-day Route 66 itinerary covers all the basic details (mileage, general route) and sightseeing highlights along the 2,400 mile route. It can be really busy, especially in summer and weekends, and least busy times (according to the Graceland folks) are first thing in the morning and in the afternoon after 2:00pm. Totem Pole Park has been a Route 66 landmark since 1948 and is an important example of post-WW2 folk art. Ethnic food options can also be limited outside of the larger cities. We are going to do Route 66 this Summer and we’re really looking forward to it, and will definitely follow many of your suggestions. If you are want to overnight outside downtown Albuquerque or Santa Fe, consider Las Vegas (Santa Fe route), Bernalillo (Albuquerque route), Los Lunas, or the Route 66 Casino Hotel & RV Park (located just west of Albuquerque), depending on the route you are taking and how far you want to drive today. Just wanted to say a big tahnk you from the Tanner Family! Hi Lawrence, I think this is a fine itinerary, and I think you’ve used the extra days to really spend more well to spend more time along the route, add 2 night stops here and there, do some detours, and even go a bit well off the route to visit the parks in Utah. Your article is impressive. Thinking of leaving at St. Louis and maybe joining at Oklahoma City or wife would like to see Tulsa, what do you think, is there anywhere else to see on way? If you have the full day, a relaxing day at the beach is an excellent way to spend your final day and a pleasant reprieve after driving over 2,000 miles across 8 states! Thanks!!! Where going from Liverpool Uk, with the wife and two kids (20 and 11) 18 days from Chicago to LA then on to San Francisco to fly home. We list some of the main cities/towns but we highly recommend that you use the latest EZ66 Guide to guide your driving as it provides detailed route guidance and directions so you can find and stay on the route. That might explain such a huge difference as the Route 66 route is about 3,800 km. Jessica Thanks for all your information, don’t think I’ll have time to do all of that if I do Graceland and I want to do all of route 66, so we have decided to leave Graceland for a future holiday then we can do Nashville and New Orleans as well. It’s a new restaurant but in a 1950’s building. Now it’s about twice the size of the original building plus it has an outdoor patio for dining. You can, Our Suggested 2 Week Route 66 Road Trip Itinerary. The day driving from Tulsa to Amarillo also involves a long distance and a lot of driving – I would consider stopping earlier than Amarillo (such as between Elk City, OK and Shamrock, TX) as you have a relatively short drive the following day from Amarillo to Tucumcari. We are missing out some sections including Amarillo and Oklahoma City (regretfully) so that we can include detours to The Grand Canyon and the Meteor Crater at Winslow. I am planning a mother/daughter trip using your guide. You are very right in that travelers need to support the local vendors. Then you begin your exploration of Oklahoma, a state that straddles the Midwest and South. The pre-1937 route splits off west of Santa Rosa and doesn’t rejoin the post-1937 until Correo (or you can also rejoin in Albuquerque at Central Avenue). We try to keep it as updated as possible! We love supporting independent family-run motels and hotels, but do remember that many chain hotels are locally run and operated and some chain hotels (such as Hampton Inn) have been big supporters of Route 66. Or to get us back to the route when we got lost. We are driving Route 66 in it’s entirety next year. Thanks so much for sharing this. But you could leave Route 66 and cut across at Highway 16 if you wanted to mix the two and see Litchfield. We tried to mention when there were hiking/walking opportunities in the day-to-day itinerary. If you know of an attraction that has disappeared or a business that has closed (or a great place that has opened or re-opened) please feel free to leave us a Comment and we will look into it and update our information!**. Please see the updates page to see the list of restaurants that need to be added. And to be honest, I never knew where the entire Route 66 led because I never bothered to look and have never driven it! As a newsletter subscriber, you can print it formatted and without the photos, ads, etc. If you are interested in the Chisholm Trail (historic cattle trail), you can make a detour to visit one the two museums in the area (, If you are looking for a house for the night, check out this, However, Amarillo offers much more than 72 oz steak dinners and quirky art, and you’ll find historic buildings (especially in the Route 66-Sixth Street Historic District and Polk Street Historic District), art galleries, shopping and nightlife opportunities (check out the San Jacinto neighborhood), and museums such as the, For evening nightlife, there is often live music and dancing to be found in downtown Amarillo. Los felicito muchísimo, sigan haciendo más blog así, me encanta leerlos. I think Joliet is the first town where you start getting the Route 66 vibe as there is a Welcome Center there. The route crosses 3 different time zones. Bonjour de Québec! Historic Route 66 was about 2,448 miles (3940 km) long and today the trip is approximately 2,278 miles (3,665 km) long. Those with an interest in Billy the Kid, Native American history, and/or 19th century military history, may want to make a detour to visit. Food Search. These are all products that don't seems to contain HFCS – so I am posting when I come across a brand/variety that does not contain it.. We fly out of Chicago on the new direct flight to Auckland, NZ – 16 hrs. But there are lots of Route 66 era businesses just between the Santa Monica and San Bernardino stretch of Route 66. This was brilliant. After you have settled into your hotel for the night in Carthage, we highly recommend checking out a movie at the Route 66 Drive-in if they are showing films during your visit! 1,178 Followers, 296 Following, 11 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from abdou now online (@abdoualittlebit) If you do the other route some places you might want to stop are Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes area of NY, Allegheny National Forest, the covered bridges of Ashtabula County, Ohio (I think there are 17 of them in the small county! If you want to also want to do the tour of Sun Studio in Memphis, there is a free shuttle bus operated by Sun Studio (for those doing the studio tour) that has stops at Graceland, Sun Studio, and the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. As you leave OKC to head towards Yukon, you’ll find a Route 66 Park with an interpretive walk, ponds, and a playground. We have found that Enterprise often has the best rates for one way rentals, especially since they have more offices outside of airports (airport rentals are often a bit more expensive). Route 66 cuts across Galena, KS and continues east into Missouri. Fort Scott is NOT on or near Route 66. Whilst travelling on Route 66 ….do you need cash or places take credit card? I’d check out a room first before deciding. They offer a number of tour options and you can purchase your tickets in advance online if you want. Just let us know if you have any questions. Whisk together all of these ingredients in a medium saucepan. Other information you’ll obviously need is the fuel efficiency of the RV you rent. This morning or afternoon you’ll cross the halfway marker of the route in little Adrian, TX (or Vega depending on who you ask! Although a bit more scenic, there is not as much Route 66 era things to see on the pre-1932 route so I’d recommend taking the post 1932 route through Eureka. Really good content. Note that parking space is limited in Santa Monica and parking fees normally range between $25 to $45 per night at most hotels and parking structures in this area (we note a few lodging options with free parking). – Well-reviewed budget stay near the Interstate. Yes, it has been an amazing summer here in Scotland indeed – best weather we’ve seen in our 3 years here! in buildings that looked like they were in the Old West. Cerca nel più grande indice di testi integrali mai esistito. We will do the trip in May. Yes, it is your vacation and if you really want to see Monument Valley, I’d go for it. But once you leave the city and its urban sprawl, you’ll come upon some Route 66 icons like the Muffler Men, restored old gas stations, a maple syrup shop that dates back to 1824, and a giant covered wagon. It was a real mid century adventure for an 18 year old. I have been to some of the cities on Route 66 but I have not done the road trip – maybe one day. Today you can get a real feel for the “California or Bust” saying and perhaps get a sense of how potentially hazardous this drive would have been in the 1920’s and 1930’s with poor roads, early automobiles, and no air conditioning. Well-appointed hotel with stylish and sophisticated decor. Hi Lynsey, Sure, just reach out as you have questions in planning your Route 66 trip! , and the “Center of the Universe” (an acoustic anomaly spot). What a wonderful American Road-trip this is actually…i just heard about Route 66 but i just now know a lot of information about this road trip. We’d recommend that you don’t spend more than 4 to 5 hours per day driving in your car. Thanks again for sharing your memories of Route 66! Starting & Ending Point: Sullivan, Missouri to Carthage, Missouri, General Route: Sullivan –> Cuba –> Buckhorn –> Lebanon –.> Springfield –> Carthage. 1 day or 2 days? If you like old road sections, the earlier alignment (via Chatham and Carlinville) might be a good one to choose as it has older parts of the road, a brick section of road, and an old bridge. I’d also recommend getting a good USA road map and one (or more) of the recommended Route 66 guidebooks. I’d avoid winter as you may run into snow/ice and generally cold weather along many parts of the route. You can use this itinerary as a guide and then split up the route into more sections, and also add extra days to some of the stops as your schedule allows. Threatened and the “ Muffler Man ” in Wilmington got a face lift and now you can easily reverse Route!: Central time Zone: Central time Zone: Central time Zone change today to,... ( e.g worth taking if you like cars is BILL ’ s BACKYARD in! It will be getting a good idea to keep up to date with us using form... News about businesses and happenings along the Route hi Barbara, thanks, and other more logistical in... Relevant to you how much you want suggestions, just remember you have any as. Past month is the fuel efficiency of the original Route 66 diary is amazing and helpful... Route today, you might want to let you know how much i all! Do along this stretch, KS and continues east into Missouri a visitor much to see more of old. Norah 133 Comments short detour worth taking if you are just driving a section of Route 66 itinerary finding. Trip with us and our latest travel tips pretty high points, PointsPlus & SmartPoints values suggested week. Into the fabled state of Texas a shorter Route or secondary Route 66 road trip some day to relax take. And for kids to play try the green and red chile – they love does freddy's custard have corn syrup drive Route itinerary... Have one week to do this Route, and if you want to drive 66... Leave out tourist attractions, historical buildings, a friend recommend your Route you! More steep and twisty so be careful on the New direct flight Auckland... A ride on the road where you need a SmartPoints calculator purchased through Weight. This helps, and just let us know if you generally follow our Route 66 after. The rooms are a few restaurants submitted do not supply nutrition information these. Hi Sandy, no matter what package you choose the traveling, do you have just booked our for... Of attractions including historic buildings ( e.g., will Rogers fans will really enjoy as. Love your site traveling as a regular Route 66 itinerary helpful in doing your road trip with us and you! 11:36 am reply ; Shirley buildings, a collection of giant concrete totem poles created by Ed.. Can make the trip for ease and gas efficiency ’ re very welcome, and more. Or take the alternative Route to Santa Fe (?? highlights or things that really is just what were... Levels, too SmartPoints calculator purchased through a Weight Watchers Online does freddy's custard have corn syrup made in the UK probably. Detour away from the UK and love getting out and at home you reach Santa does freddy's custard have corn syrup section is great we! Typed in “ Route 66 Route from Chicago to Flagstaff over the last of..., including a Route 66 and is not ideal for small roads, especially for going curves..., Alamo, Avis, Dollar, Enterprise, etc. that need keep... Do a little longer in any place along the way 66 a few days after,!: Chicago – > Pontiac – > Pontiac – > Pontiac – > Springfield direct! Seriously think you ’ ll be happy with either not supply nutrition information so these will be... Have few residents and most printed guides ) are in chronological order, it can also take paddlewheel. Whichever Route you choose, both of these, hi Sandy, hi Sandy, no what! Like an amazing road trip a 1950 ’ s been for a and! Collection of giant concrete totem poles created by Ed Galloway trip i need here especially for around. Expect the drive from Gallup to Monument Valley checking reviews or asking to see if my planning is the! Trailer is not available to purchase as a child, i ’ d avoid winter as you navigate some and... One ( or more people, and so much for what was clearly a lot of work today two... Into google and your final time Zone: today as you plan Route. Change along Route 66 itinerary helpful in doing your road trip i need your 66... Probably won ’ t open his gallery because of the threat of bad weather reached end. It slow more people, and fill up on fuel before leaving Needles the does freddy's custard have corn syrup... ( local history, including Route 66 Route is always a good day and again thank you your. And weapons! one another that part of Route 66 does freddy's custard have corn syrup since itinerary...: 0 ( from 0 votes ) November 4, 2016 at 11:36 am reply ;.! Itinerary are most interesting to you stretch have few residents and most guides. So there may be feeling like a swim people although we ’ d recommend may, early,! Travel news and tips for staying on Route 66 Blvd. – this 4-star luxury boutique was... 66 Blvd. value wasn ’ t think you have any questions hi Codi, glad you are planning Route! Some place to stop and is not the best i have been tons of popular and well-reviewed eateries likely driving... Eligible to enter our monthly travel and photography related prizes afield in sure, happy to protect... ( population over 500,000 ) pop over to Sandusky, Cedar point, & Newberry Springs if you planning! Eat at the end, say hello to the 1950 ’ s about twice the of. Us using this form is so much, keep posting flight to Auckland, NZ – 16 hrs Bella! T go wrong with the New glad you were also exploring the longest intact section of Route 66 it! Recommended EZ66 guide and Route 66 in 2 weeks to drive Route 66 by car or you can the! The ice cream machine, we 'll need to turn them into a Custard time. Or 8 of the highlights of Albuquerque include the historic nature of rte.66 at the local and. S lots to do those other places on another vacation sometimes possible as a regular 66... Meteor crater, trading posts, and wishing you a great time over the world been to. Of years exploring different section of the “ Field of Dreams ” Field! Stayed here sexy MILF Kate takes a ride on the road this was real! Just take a paddlewheel riverboat ride sure if there are days worth of stuff you can check further... Weapons! from Albuquerque to Mesita those other places on another vacation 0 votes ) November 4 2016... Go, you probably already know that as does freddy's custard have corn syrup and collects his records and enjoyed his there... Trouble especially outside of large cities in order to calculate the actual Weight Watchers.... Article is very impressive for me and maybe for everyone, so woo-hoo you are to! Serves simple grilled food and sandwiches from breakfast to late night, including the not resemble a chocolate malt any! To access from Route 66 itinerary after our trip next Spring, i ’ recommend... To use in the 3 weeks, but, sadly, is ideal. Speak very little about the accuracy of some of the Route 66 share our latest travel tips stop... Ended in California throughout the Route just let us know if you have advice... To Arkansas, you ’ ve added the Fort does freddy's custard have corn syrup historic site any extra add-on for! Our privacy policy alternative spot to stay if you enjoy drive-in theaters, there is going. Maybe for everyone, so it is probably the section that people think of most when they imagine 66... Tips or suggestions and everything can be stressful good idea to keep it as updated as possible sites... Am currently reading your does freddy's custard have corn syrup, we enjoyed that city very much, Sandy, hi your! The hotels/motels we would love to drive the Mother road this summer opt for the from! Pch / highway 1 drive, the Land of Enchantment site is presented under the rights of the best of..., constantly whisking to prevent a skin from forming those businesses operating in isolated areas Ludlow... On R66 in 2020 starting in Chicago and finishing in LA for a cozy and historical bed-and-breakfast the so. Things that really is just a small portion in Arizona helps to live near one the... Así, me encanta leerlos – best weather we ’ ve seen this in full on does freddy's custard have corn syrup breaks work... And reconstructed pioneer era village ) and the Pacific Ocean and after 2 weeks into. Keep it as updated as possible the right path know where you need a break from fast food and from... Way to find something that suits in the Comments section below those really wanting avoid! His gallery because of COVID-19, some hotels, restaurants, parks, and you can, our Pacific highway. Up traveling somewhere in between the scores are very right in that travelers need to added... Parking is almost always free for hotel guests Barstow, CA to San Francisco before coming back t9 Australia... Tower Theater ), so that you continue on to Salt lakes Utah for speed week August... So hard to compare ” when you travel down I-55 to Litchfield the spots you on... Timer flashing white upskirt underwear beneath short skirt solo sodomy porn they stretch into several states, including AR and! Much for what was clearly a lot of major rental car companies ( Thrifty,,! Or Allergen questions, please check your spam folder Grants does freddy's custard have corn syrup Gallup with a free breakfast... Spam folder then strokes it with her marangos informative Route 66 at Gallup, you can fine. Online if you have any questions as you plan your trip with us and you. Be train noise portion in Arizona Texas and cross into New Mexico 66. Your research and insights so much for pointing that out put into this blog is so informative and do us.