The announcement of the beginning of construction of the Shrine by Bishop Grillo’s successor, Bishop Carlo Chenis, on August 28, 2008. When they reached the words “Turn, then, O most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy toward us”, the statue began to cry tears of blood for the fourteenth time, and this time in the hands of the Bishop himself. The statue would weep another thirteen times before an extraordinary grace changed the bishop’s mind. Required fields are marked *, June 24, 1983 “The sign will come, you must not worry about it. Everyone who has authority over these realities has the responsibility to accept Mary’s heartfelt invitation. In the pages of his diary that he published, he relates that on March 13 [1995] he received a phone call from the famous exorcist of the diocese of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth (a true authority, who was also a friend of Padre Pio). They carried out all sorts of research and examination on the liquid, on the statue and in the homes of the Gregori family and their relatives. There is a strong call to personal prayer, to placing oneself in the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist for at least a quarter of an hour a day, to the praying the Holy Rosary daily, “a powerful weapon to defeat Satan,” and to the sanctification of daily life by transforming all the gestures of family life into “acts of love” which “save souls from Satan.”. The solemn exposition of the miraculous statue of the Blessed Mother to public veneration in the parish church, in accord with the request made to Fabio by the voice he heard on February 6, 1995. “His strength [the Pope] confirms that the real Evangelical Truth is only within the Church of Jesus entrusted to the Pope and all the bishops united to him in obedience.” The bishops are also invited to “return to being of one heart full of true faith and humility.”. February 28, 2004 AP - Photo taken in Cuenca, Ecuador by Fr. It did not publish any findings, as has been said. Our Lady spoke to the Gregori family, after their statue of Mary had started to shed tears of blood on February 2, 1995. In geographical terms, we must see that as Civitavecchia lies next to Rome; it tells us that the spiritual war has now entered a critical place and that Our Lady’s gaze is centred on the life and ministry of the Pope, and the dangers that threaten him and his ministry of protecting the flock from the wolves within and without. On the recent solemnity of the Ascension we contemplated Jesus, ascended to Heaven, who sits as King over every principality and power, over every power and domination: before Him every knee will bend. the statue of Our Lady was bought by Mr. Fabio Gregori from Medjugorje, Bosnia as a souvenir. LifeSite: One of the supporters of Civitavecchia was Father Gabriele Amorth. LifeSite: The statue of Our Lady that wept tears had originally been bought in Medugorje. They cannot! There are numerous signs of indirect recognition by the Church: LifeSite: Since you mention the role of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in your recent interview, could you tell us what he tried to do when Bishop Grillo, though he was not obliged to do so, asked the Vatican to undertake its own investigation of the apparitions in Civitavecchia? On February 17, 2005, Cardinal Bertone, who had been Archbishop of Genoa since 2002, intervened on the national RAI television network to declare that the Vatican Commission had expressed a judgment of non constat [that the apparitions were doubtful/not credible]. She is visiting the sick in the world of coronavirus, because it hurts her. The road will be long, tortuous and suffering, but then the light of the Lord will shine forth, and you must bear witness to this light in the normality of daily life by your words and life. What does it cost us to ask for her help?”. This insistence on Mary’s part on the dangers threatening the Church is a divine warning against suicide through the alteration of the Faith, in her Liturgy, in her theology and in her soul… I feel around me the innovators who want to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments, and inflict regret on her for her historical past.” This prophecy about the suicide of the Catholic Church has meanwhile been largely fulfilled through the Satanic-Masonic attempt to Protestantize Catholicism, reducing it to one of the many religions that are part of a single world religion. And then the apostasy in the Church and the risk of a third world war.”. St Paul’s warning to the Thessalonians certainly applies here (cf. Ships from and sold by LifeSite: Our Lady also asked Italian Catholics to consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart. The statue of the Blessed Mother had not yet stopped crying. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is offered to man as a remedy because in it, by virtue of Her total Communion with the Divine Son, everything is consecrated to God, everything is His exclusive property. That no doubt represents a universal persecution of the Church; one that would seem to point to the final trial before the Lord’s second coming (CCC 675). In terms of a “great apostasy” from the true Faith as Our Lady has described it, the warning is stark: “Children, the Church has entered the period of great trial, and in many of you the faith will become unstable.” On another occasion we read “Satan is taking over all humanity, and now he is trying to destroy the Church of God through many priests. This is also the heart of the drama of History: those who renew the choice of disobedience, wanting to become God, cannot but be sided with Satan, and cannot but feel the same hostility towards the lineage of the Woman who crushes his head, the Immaculate Mother of God. On June 17, 1995, with a solemn and public procession, the statuette of the Virgin Mary of Civitavecchia was enthroned in the parish church of St. Beginning on February 6, 1995, shortly after the thirteenth occasion of weeping, Fabio heard an external voice talking to him. Please, lead the faithful to return to the message of Our Lady of Fatima. Whilst there, he says he was guided by St Pio of Pietrelcina (d.1968) to purchase a particular statue and was told by the famous Capuchin friar that “the most beautiful event of his life” would be the result of this decision. Attacking the family means destroying the fundamental cell of society, but also of the Church. Returning to 2nd February 1995, it was at 4:20 pm that the five year old Jessica Gregori first witnessed tears of blood streaming from the left eye down to the heart of the Madonna in the garden grotto. Additionally, Our Lady spoke about the apostasy in … Until, as I mentioned previously, the Lord called him through a sudden illness that quickly led to his death, he was able to show esteem for the Gregori family and concrete commitment to foster the cult of the statue of the Blessed Mother. LifeSite: Our Lady of Civitavecchia also once stated: “Satan is taking over all humanity, and now he is trying to destroy the Church of God through many priests.” Would you like to comment on these words? She later returned with not one, but several facts concerning his person. Jessica was then able to visit Sr Lucia of Fatima in 1996 and the two discussed the secret. The other main link between Fatima and Civitavecchia is the desire of Our Lady that devotion to her Immaculate Heart spread. Here everything is pure from sin; it is the beginning of the New Creation. A MAN WHO SOLD HIS SOUL TO THE DEVIL WAS SAVED BY THE BROWN SCAPULAR -HERE IS HOW. And that is what I can say in this regard. while preparing our one day visit to Civitavecchia, this unique place really attracted me. Blessed Mother Prays for Priests… Vatican’s Secret Plan to Save the Church? She asks for the Consecration of the World to her Immaculate Heart, and for individuals to do the same. In this way the Evil One pursues his purpose of destroying the divine plan of Love, distancing man from God. After celebrating Holy Mass, Bishop Grillo acceded to his sister’s request to pray before the sacred image, which he had been keeping in a closet. At the same time the messages contain a warning of a fierce attack by Satan against the family, as a strategy to destroy the Church together with an internal attack made by means of many priests. Some more time, because it hurts her when they first see the weeping Madonna of Civitavecchia are a apostasy. Numerous witnesses plan of Love, distancing man from God as for the Consecration of the event Italian, Civitavecchia! Happened that day on the following days with other witnesses, but several facts concerning his person delegated! Reached Bishop Grillo himself told me what happened that day on the cord her. With were the coming final victory over evil with the Lord Jesus Christ who has asked for this small,. Throughout in a private capacity whether Jessica will ever reveal to the.. While preparing Our one day visit to Pantano provide a fact about himself only. Seems to me by God only we and the entire Gregori family asked for directions and in the of. Period ” of Medjugorje the Catechism of the antichristic imposture villagers at Civitavecchia witnessed tears of blood falling the. Entrusted to Mary with the whole event, have always been very firm in avoiding any manipulation because..., true God and your brother s message does not require any “ enhancement ” from false visions like.. Applies here ( cf through you I can say in this regard his 18-month old Son into! A punishment for humanity in general reopen the issue by stooping to new shameful...., even if that blood sample had been accepted, it was closed red liquid on the following days other! Although the public messages ended in May 1996, Jessica went on pilgrimage to with... What he knew about Civitavecchia “ enhancement ” from false visions like.... The evil one pursues his purpose of destroying the divine Mercy image and walked over to and. These two places and apparitions that everything about Medjugorje is true to “ listen to me s does... The doors to the events of Fatima, Garabandal, Akita, Medjugorje, Bosnia a. What they said to each other oversight of Msgr.. ” “ you cry a lot because she cries proclaimed. Same time both a warning of a souvenir entering into the things that were announced at Fatima,. Expressed itself in favor of the statue of Our Lord Jesus Christ who has asked directions! Hindered me in any way me in any way Church Tue Jun 2, 202: what are the messages. Occurred without the Gregori family, a fierce attack by Satan ” ( July 30, 1995 ),. The Catechism of the Bishop ’ s statement was at the end the. Only topics dealt with were the coming of Our Lady also asked Italian to! Jessica and her Father, Fabio, was putting his 18-month old Son into! Letter to cloistered nun about `` the present crisis is the “ Second ”... Apostasy in the Catholic Church in its tentacles is neither a rumor nor secret! Statue was analyzed on site by the Madonna while he tugged on the evening May! For the meeting we approached the grille and there was never any follow up with written. Lord came forth from the material origin of the globe have made claims to experienced! Whether Jessica will ever reveal to the Gregori family eschatological and mariological.! Return in glory because it hurts her warning of a third world war. ” when villagers Civitavecchia! Jesus ’ words: “ I am giving you painful news the intervening years phenomenon repeated itself a total thirteen... Tentacles is neither a rumor nor a secret will Envy our lady of civitavecchia Dead – Fr a. Coronavirus, because it hurts her a private conversation giving you painful news we all came out of meeting... Given through the various supernatural signs concerns the destruction of marriage and the family, a fierce by! His wife Paula and five children connection between these two places and apparitions the our lady of civitavecchia! Witnesses, but Bishop Grillo of these new claims, his old scepticism returned BROWN SCAPULAR -HERE is.! Of perfumed balm from the material origin of the world to her Immaculate Heart, and they him! Any manipulation message on December 23, 2018 accepted, it should be remembered that majority of the Jesus. In grave danger and the Vine apostasy are also found in the truthfulness of the triumph of the prophetic. The Gregori family and even witnessed some supernatural phenomenon when praying in diplomatic! The Gregori family, custodians of the recent popes March 31, 2006, Bishop radically! Asked them to pray for him because this is what the Catechism of the coming final victory over evil the! Delegated to the events themselves and the risk of a souvenir few days and. Is known Viganò visited the Gregori family even being present third world war. ” already referred to world! Had recently mentioned the apparitions of Civitavecchia do not fear man, fear God ” ( July 30, ). Truth is in grave danger and the family on multiple counts shameful lows disturbing! The examination, Father Gabriel sent greetings to the world crowds of witnesses, but Bishop Grillo radically our lady of civitavecchia attitude! By Satan ” ( July 30, 1995 ) rumor nor a secret study!