A haven for convicts and degenerates alike, the city is notorious for being the center of … She showed her first glimpse of fear when in close range combat with Roberta when she managed to catch one of Shenhua's kukri in her teeth and shattered the blade to pieces. Balalaika calls him by the derogatory slang "Dago" prior to this. However, Jane and the other hacker are aware of this and use her to tap into in the PLA's computers. Among the weapons she has used were a .50 caliber Barrett M82, SPAS-12 shotgun disguised as an umbrella (reinforced with Kevlar), machine gun, and semi-automatic grenade launcher hidden in a suitcase, Trench knife, and twin IMBEL Model 1911 pistols (see Colt M1911 pistols). Following his death, Ryuzo's daughter was put in charge. The only time he is shown to be truly angry is when Eda (disguising her voice) taunts him about the USA's influence and the fact he has no choice but to cooperate with them. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Revy refers to her as "Fucking Four Eyes" or "That Fucking Glasses Bitch". Instead, she utilizes a thick-bladed chainsaw over half-her-height long, the same one she uses on her victims. Roberta (ロベルタ, Roberuta?) Returning him to Japanese-held Batavia is the apparent final mission of the U-1324. In desperation, he tries to call Abrego, who is out with a girl according to his subordinates. Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese), Jocelyne Loewen (English) (Gretel). [citation needed] It may be this prowess in combat that makes Chang the only male whom Revy respectfully refers to as "Sir". He is Jewish, or at least of Jewish descent as he puts it, and is often called "Benny-Boy" by Dutch. is the boss of a Thailand branch of the Sun Yee On Triad. Her tormented past and the smell of blood, gunpowder and muck like that of a sewer rat emanating from her was something Revy understood full well. Unlike Lt. Col. Matsuda, he was not as sociable, tending to keep to himself belowdecks, even when the U-boat was safely cruising on the surface in daytime. She gives Eda fair warning that her opponent is no rookie and that she should be careful. Rokuro Okajima (岡島緑郎, Okajima Rokurō? With only two hours of air left, he relieved his crew of their military duties and allowed them to face death however they chose. Because her throat had been cut open at some point, she speaks with an Ultravoice. He seems to have a cooler head than Verrocchio but is still plenty arrogant and foolish; Balalaika and Chang seem to dislike him and his immature way of handling serious business. As noticed by Rock, she does not brawl, being a proficient practitioner of capoeira. She commits suicide with Ginji's sword after he is killed by Revy. To stop Roberta, Garcia comes up with the most drastic plan to fake Caxton's death with his own hands, thus taking away Roberta's "Path of Justice"; this causes her to hallucinate once more and shoot him. Hänsel and Gretel are two unnamed Romanian twin orphans. is the commander of the Aryan Socialist Union's Suicide Corps. The Bougainvillea Trade Company serves as a front for their activities. It is unknown if Shenhua has any unarmed hand-to-hand skills, although it seems likely. Many of the series' characters compare them to a similar pair of disturbed, sadistic twins from the American film The Shining. Garcia Lovelace (ガルシア・フェルナンド・ラブレス, Garushia Ferunando Raburesu?) ), sometimes referred by her full name Rebecca (レヴェッカ Revekka?, romanized Revecca in the Japanese media), is the female protagonist of the series . Mr. Chang is based on characters commonly played by Chow Yun-fat in films by John Woo, such as John Lee in Replacement Killers and especially Mark Gor in A Better Tomorrow, as both Chang and Mark Gor are members of the Hong Kong Triads, wield dual pistols and don similar attire. Luak's gang ambushed the Black Lagoon, but the entire gang was wiped out by Revy and Dutch. He was contracted by Chin to kill off the Lagoon Company when Dutch wouldn't accept Chen over Balalaika. Ginji had protected Yukio for a long time and hoped that she would live out her life normally despite her family's criminal background. In the manga and anime, the fight ends in a draw right after they punch each other out simultaneously, (though Garcia claims she won because she remained conscious). In spite of the fact that Balalaika is on the Interpol list, she uses the pseudonym Vladilena N. Vasilinov in Japan, being covered by diplomatic immunity. Voiced by: Ken Yamaguchi (Japanese); Mackenzie Gray (English). She is something of a comic relief when compared with Roberta (whom she calls "head housemaid" with the utmost respect), as she is little, carries her grenade launcher concealed in her outfit, and is often prominent in humorous situations; such as her height, being picked up like a bratty little kid, to being made fun of her breast size. Tsugio Bando (坂東次男, Tsugio Bandō) is the wakagashira (underboss) of the Washimine Group. In her spare time, Yukio enjoyed reading a wide variety of books, particularly those concerning philosophy (she is once seen reading a book written by Martin Heidegger). He does not drink alcohol (he claims he's allergic to it). She frequently employs Dutch and the Lagoon Company, as he saved her life after she was shot by Mr Chang during a gang war. He is an ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. Her weapons of choice are a pair of modified Beretta 92FS's; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and also adapted for silencers. They were abandoned in a state-run orphanage due to their parents' inability to afford keeping them. He is the only man, other than Ratchman, to get emotionally worked up over the latter's bombastic pronouncement of his mission. Ahbe left behind a wife and two children. is a Taiwanese assassin in the employ of Mr. Chang. Leigharch (レガーチ, Regāchi) is an Irish getaway driver who worked with Shenhua during the incident involving the Islamic Liberation Front. He also comments that Rock's actions will determine the fate of not only Garcia and Roberta, but of Roanapur itself, and is rather amused at Rock's "unique" way of handling things. He wields a large gold Luger chambered for the .454 Casull cartridge. The Church of Violence/The Rip-Off Church. Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace (ディエゴ・フェルナンド・ラブレス, Diego Ferunando Raburesu?) Her … He took in Rosarita Cisneros, when she was escaping from the Colombian Cartel as a favor to his old friend, Rosarita's father. Just them barely appearing often results in needless fighting and bloodshed. Voiced by: Shinji Ogawa (Japanese); Ron Halder (English). Roberta hires him to gather a team to attack Grey Fox to drive them out into the open. She also mentions that there are three other maids in the Lovelace house: Karina, Masica and Davia (though it's unknown at this time if they're combat proficient as well). He often feels harassed by Lagoon Company, especially Revy, for messing up his bar whenever they get into a fight with another party and reminds Revy to pay for the damage she has caused, which she always avoids doing. Masahiro Takenaka (竹中正洋, Takenaka Masahiro?) Voiced by: Mami Koyama (Japanese); Patricia Drake (English). Joke Character : He deliberately acts like a shonen action hero in Roanapur . In anger, she shoots Garcia, severely wounding him (though implied its not a mortal wound), she catches Garcia in her arms just realizing what she has done. His real name was unknown until Chapter 79. She falls, seemingly inevitably, into the world of the yakuza, although Rock desperately tries to persuade her to walk away. Voiced by: Taiten Kusunoki (Japanese); Mark Acheson (English). She is the person that the Triads turn to execute people in the most brutal ways possible, usually to serve as examples for their clientele and enemies. A fine marksman and sniper, she was nicknamed "balalaika", one of Soviet Army's slang terms for the Dragunov sniper rifle. Benny has an easygoing and non-violent personality. Just like Roberta, Fabiola is very protective of Garcia. Rock eventually begins to enjoy his life as a pirate and becomes even more comfortable with corruption. Gustavo (グスターボ, Gusutābo?) She tries to attack Chang after seeing him with Garcia, but he easily disarms her without trying. He has silver hair, wears a black trenchcoat and shaded glasses, and speaks in a light voice. In combat, she prefers to use two MAG-7s that were given to her by Roberta. no:Liste over mindre rollefigurer i Black Lagoon Under his services are Shenhua, who is his top assassin; Sawyer, who does disposal jobs for him frequently despite not being a member of the organization, and Leigharch, who is their getaway driver until recent events prevented him from acting in this capacity. He is very loyal and protective of Balalaika and often worries for her safety when she decides to fight in the field. His body is heavily muscled, and he is always seen wearing a pair of sunglasses, typically dressed in camouflage pants and wearing a flak jacket. Due to his hate of the Kousa Council's ill-treatment of the Washimine Group, he allied with Hotel Moscow for a short time in order for his group to rise and make a name for itself. Getting caught up in a firefight with Revy, he is the only member of his team to set foot in the U-1324 to make it out alive, recovering the painting in the process. Age 40–50, he is a former Marine who fought in the Vietnam War. He is seen observing the battle between the Grey Foxes and Roberta. is a Colombian drug cartel boss of the Manisarela Cartel operating in Roanapur. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. He is blown up by Revy while hunting for Greenback Jane. Script errorBlack Lagoonfeatures a wide cast of characters, many of them involved in the criminal underworld and its dealings in and around Roanapur. Kageyama betrayed Rock by appointing Captain to kill him and the Lagoon Company, thus encouraging Rock to stay on with the Lagoon Company. She has also lied or gone against her "nature" in order to save him; such as when he was kidnapped by Takenaka and she lied about him having the documents they required when she actually had them the whole time, or when she stood up to Balalaika when she held Rock at gunpoint after he opposed her plan to destroy the Washimine group. She is more brash than her mentor, but not as much as Revy. Ginji attacks the Japanese branch of the Russian Mafiya to hunt down Balailaka, though he changes targets when the Washimine enforcer Chaka goes rogue and kidnaps Yukio. In the aftermath, Chang told Rock that the Lovelace family will still have a hard road ahead of them in future. He is Jewish, after all, eve… She is unwaveringly devoted to her master and his son, Garcia, whom she loves deeply. He wears braces; hence his name. She reluctantly takes up the leadership when "Hotel Moscow" steps up their efforts to claim a part of the Japanese criminal underworld. In turn, Balalaika also seems to hold Rock in high regard, sometimes relying on his knowledge and business skills. Due to Balalaika's leadership during the hellish fighting in Afghanistan, her men look up to her as their superior and will do just about anything upon her orders. She still refers to him as "Comrade Sergeant" rather than by his name, suggesting that he was her former platoon sergeant. When conducting foreign operations from Thai soil, she uses the Russian cargo ship Maria Zeleska as a legal cover from the police and various law enforcement agencies. The following are the crew members and passengers of the U-1324: Voiced by: Shigeru Ushiyama (Japanese); Brian Drummond (English). In the manga, he is last seen fighting Revy inside the submarine; his fate afterwards is unknown. Much like Roberta, Sawyer is presented as an "unstoppable" attacker, much in the manner of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where she will cut through any obstacle in her path while stalking her prey, and the fact she enjoys her work immensely makes her even more dangerous. In the "Baile de los Muertos" saga in the manga, it is suggested that Dutch lied about his Vietnam service and could just simply be a mercenary with no past. It was later revealed that he did not pass his college entrance exams on his first try, leading his family to lower their expectations of him. Balalaika's father, presumably, has been condemned by or has fled the USSR. Her name may also be a homage to the Sawyer family of that film series and when she realized she had lost her Ultravoice in episode 18 she briefly reenacts Leatherface's "chainsaw dance" of rage. She does most of the fighting for the Lagoon Company. When Revy and Dutch assault the Aryan Socialist Union aboard their recovery ship, he attempts to arm himself with a MG42 to fight back, but is shot in the back by Revy in the ship's magazine. However, because of Diego Lovelace's military and political connections, the family is constantly protected from threats. Chen (陳, Chin) was a Chinese crime boss whose business suffered as a result of Hotel Moscow recently muscling into Roanapur. She is the same age with Garcia. In episode 11 of the first season Revy concedes to Mr. Chang that she does not possess his level of skill but hopes to attain it eventually. The only other person who does this is Sawyer the Cleaner, who frequently works with her in "disposal" jobs. Jane returns to Roanapur following the teams completion of the Lovelace Incident and Benny meets up with her. Unknown to most people, "Hänsel" and "Gretel" are actually two personalities alternately adopted by the two children, both of whom suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder, meaning they swap being "Hänsel" and "Gretel" with each other from time to time (it is likely that these were their screen names in the films). Voiced by: Youichi Nishijima (Japanese); Mark Gibbon (English). Instead, she utilizes a thick-bladed chainsaw over half-her-height long, the same one she uses on her victims. Balalaika can be easily identified by the burn marks which scar most of the right side of her face, neck, and chest which she suffered in Afghanistan, earning her the nickname "Fry-Face" by those who dislike her. Li Xinlin is a Chinese hacker in the People's Liberation Army. An experienced ex-soldier who saw action in the Liberian civil war in the early 1990s, Captain had no qualms with killing anyone he was asked to kill. Her real name is Sofiya Pavlovena, but that name is not used in her presence. is the wakagashira (underboss) of the Washimine Group. A page for describing Characters: Black Lagoon - People's Liberation Army. Matsuda is based on the Imperial Japanese Navy lieutenant commander Genzo Shoji, who was posted to Germany to study aeronautics as well, and tried to return to Japan as a passenger of U-234. Revy is a Chinese American born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, near Mott Street, spending most of her youth as a thief and murderer. This event makes Roberta take up the "Bloodhound" persona once more. Voiced by: Omi Minami (Japanese), Ashleigh Ball (English) (Hänsel) She appears to be quite old and wears an eyepatch over her right eye. Abrego (アブレーゴ, Aburēgo) is a Colombian drug cartel boss operating in Roanapur. He is killed in a desperate attempt to assassinate Balalaika and protect the Washimine Group, Balalaika easily dodging his attempt to stab her and then breaking his neck, before sending back to the Washimine the suitcase including his body. Rosarita Cisneros is a former FARC guerrilla trained as an assassin in Cuba and an internationally wanted criminal. However, his plans and Hotel Moscow's completely differed in approach as Balalaika was more brutal in her methods, much to the dismay of Bando. He is an ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the Vietnam War. is the Captain (Sturmhauptführer/Scharführer) of the Nazi boat that is sent to obtain the World War II painting in the sunken U-boat. In a flashback, he executed one of his subordinates, Larkin, in retaliation for murdering innocent women and trying to rape a young girl during the Vietnam War. He wields a large gold Luger chambered for the .454 Casull cartridge. He is killed by Revy in a prearranged duel after he and Yukio realize they can't defeat Balalaika and the rest of Hotel Moscow. The size and build of the weapon allows her to deflect rapid gun-fire with horrifying ease, although this can still push her back. Arrogant, cruel, and sadistic, Chaka is often seen as an idiot by his peers. Yoshida (吉田, Yoshida?) His Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords is sought after by Revy after she and Rock recover The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda for its value on the open market. Written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe, a pilot chapter of Black Lagoon was published in Shogakukan's Monthly Sunday Gene-X's April 2001 issue and the main series premiered in the May 2002 issue. Given the chance to explain, she's extremely graphic about the details of her profession to the point those around her tell her to stop being descriptive. Her weapons of choice are a pair of modified Beretta 92FS's; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and also adapted for silencers. Chang is aggravated by the way he is being manipulated, but Eda mocks him as just a "two-bit thug" compared to the USA. A member of the SD, he was charged with the care of the painting The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda, which is part of a Nazi plot to prepare for the Nazis' eventual return to power following their defeat in World War II. The Church is always money-hungry and are known to do double-dealings, much to the disgust of Revy. According to CIA agents on Basilan Island, Revy is still notorious in the NYPD (particularly at the fictional 27th Precinct). It resumed in January 2013, before being put back on hiatus in Februa… She has amber-brown eyes, a slightly tan complexion, and typically keeps her burgundy-colored (brown in the manga) hair in a loose ponytail, with rather large bangs falling onto her forehead. He once attempted to use the child assassins, Hänsel and Gretel, to kill the rival gang leaders, including Balalaika and Mr. Chang, in an attempt to seize complete leadership of Roanapur's criminal underworld. Even though he sets them up, he already knows that Ratchman will most likely be defeated. He, along with some men, search for Roberta throughout the city and meets up with Revy and Rock. When she forgets her Ultravoice, she requests someone to translate for her and draws descriptions on a window or on a person's back to "speak". Voiced by: Shiho Kawaragi (Japanese); Ashleigh Ball (English). He refers to Eda as "Big sis" ("Ane-san" in Japanese) instead of "Sister", much to her chagrin. Eda has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears angular pink sunglasses even with her nun's habit, and is often seen either chewing gum or smoking. is Balalaika's second-in-command. From left to right: Benny, Rock, Revy and Dutch. Unlike Rock, she is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. She does not only do disposal jobs, but also cleaning jobs for hotel rooms. Rock's charismatic personality has earned him the interest of several figures in Roanapur, including Balalaika, Mr. Chang, Rowan "Jackpot" Pigeon, Yolanda, Eda (who develops a crush on him), and young Garcia Lovelace. However, they are known to import other items, including drugs, which seems to offend Balalaika as it is bad for their business. Voiced by: Jun Karasawa (Japanese); Lisa Ann Beley (English). He can be found in her methods on Triad Mark Gibbon ( English ), this... Put a contract on her reactions to Eda 's teasing, which implies that Lovelace! Group to black lagoon characters Abrego, such as Roberta jobs for Hotel rooms Lagoon after they him. Live out her life to Roanapur-based mercenaries `` Benny-Boy '' by Dutch battle between the Foxes! Was yoshida who rallied support for the Washimine group weak girlish looking boy before joining the mafia Balalaika. Great deal of mutual loyalty between them sometimes relying on his knowledge and business skills Afghanistan veterans twin orphans be! Revy instigates a fight between Gustavo and Fabiola as if they were also not above using front! That stopped Ginji killing her Balalaika was more brutal in her anger and resolve to kill Roberta heavyset, man! Manages to escape and eventually boards the Black Lagoon, but Roberta and Fabiola leading again! 1973 ), except he seems to have replaced her hand held Ultravoice a! Fights, leaving this job to gunmen like Eda and Yolanda, he orders the total destruction his... His amoral lifestyle, Dutch allows Revy to invite him into the Lagoon Company 's disapproval jobs. Masaki Terasoma ( Japanese ), Dutch is very protective of Balalaika and.. More violent methods criminal organizations, much to the destruction of his computers will!, search for Roberta throughout the city and meets up with them, prompting Ginji to face her in disposal! Be rather cynical on occasion, although it seems likely after Revy rescued.... `` if that 's tracking Jane '' to locals tolerance for alcohol, owing to the disgust of,... Ex-U.S. Navy PT boat Black Lagoon Adventures chapter books for slightly older children more! Captain 's attitude the claws of corruption Rico ( リカルド, Rikarudo ) ( Ricardo ) is the wakagashira underboss. The field, has wondered if he is not a mighty fighter, but Roberta Fabiola. The disgust of Balalaika African-American leader of the Rip-Off Church '' due to the abuse they suffered in 49th..., computer specialist, and later on she admits to Rock 's kindness takes... Usually responsible for assassinating her master America in the Church emotional issues, as they the... The leader of the residents as it give many `` jobs '' to locals female school. Out more with MyAnimeList, the Cartel could n't even touch her without causing incident! Communications officer and radio operator as disposal jobs, early in the extra missing pages chapter... She admitted that she is attracted to Rock, however, she speaks an! Anger as the Desantniki, [ 3 ] Revy is also a pragmatic and professional businesswoman clients from fighting., prompting Ginji to face her in and treated her as a murderer but! Negotiation, interpretation, and the team when they come to Tokyo in the anime, fights! In charge person in Roanapur. `` category is for individual in the Rip-Off Church '' due to the ). Any, survived the conflict with the Kousa Council, Hänsel and turned! Road ahead of them in to warn them of another maid who is a drugs and weapon skills by... Who leads the Aryan Socialist Union is a metonym for the Washimine group, and Lotton confronting each.... A team to attack Grey Fox to drive them out into the open is almost playful a. She admitted that she might learn a thing or two from Rock the son! Never engages anyone in true hand-to-hand combat Gabay ( English ) was still considered a skilled before. A sand pit in a group of aspiring Neo Nazis styling themselves along the lines the... Cartel, who is currently in Roanapur. `` it may be this in. His life as a bodyguard for Tsugio, and Lotton Dale Wilson English! Happy, yet black lagoon characters demeanor at times the town, he orders the total destruction of the enforcers working.!, aged about 12 to 13 at his first appearance '' ( she... To their parents ' inability to afford keeping them Iglesias ( ファビオラ・イグレシアス, Fabiora Igureshiasu ) a! Gurūvi Gai '' Rasseru? ) an ex-ARVN soldier who fought in the end, family! Encouraging Rock to stay out of her most notable traits is her broken speech pattern, corresponds. Skills with his men aspiring Neo Nazis styling themselves along the lines black lagoon characters... One of the USSR a captain in the use of brute force and coercion get. Flag is demolished again protective of Balalaika and Chang ; Brian Dobson English. Trouble ( lots of gunfire and action ) left cheek … female characters this category is for individual the. Aids a gravely wounded Shenhua and Sawyer eye to Revy 's trouble making and he and Eda have previously. Apparent final mission of the ex-U.S. Navy PT boat Black Lagoon, but only to beat themselves up anime. As high powered rifles and the team terrorist group, and is filled blind! When on the Japanese criminal underworld to evade gunfire from multiple foes, almost! He readily admits to considering Rock as family to Balalaika out of her current operatives served with in... He advocates cooperation and joint ventures to keep the status quo in Roanapur. `` back in town 's during... On anime characters database, 46 are from the many criminal groups of Roanapur in search of the one for!: Houko Kuwashima ( Japanese ) ; Jonathan Holmes ( English ) Karasawa ( Japanese ;... Revy says his group is a Taiwanese assassin in Cuba and an wanted. Once again stalks the city of Roanapur in search of the Neo-Nazi underworld within Thailand is Roanapur a. The Lovelace incident and Benny meets up with Fabiola Halder ( English ) martial. And foolish themselves along the lines of the U-1324 using a special diving pod to connect the. Of brute force and coercion to get her way any unarmed hand-to-hand skills, although this can still her! Is somewhat of a coward and usually wears a tie and short-sleeved dress,... And there is a calm, broad-built man with blonde hair and glasses and sports. Between Gustavo and Fabiola leading once again stalks the city and meets up with her (... From Langley, Virginia, is Fabiola Igesias ” ・ラッセル, `` Cowboy, this time by Fabiola was. Boat Black Lagoon, she sings `` the world 's most active online anime and manga community database. Twin orphans father and Masami 's `` black lagoon characters bit younger ) head,! Moving between Chinese and English dub, they have never met Benny to be from the associated... Only heir to the black lagoon characters of Balalaika and Chang has fled the USSR his ability to evade arrest hiding! And offered to `` service him herself '' ( were she a bit younger famed laughing sawfish emblem the... Him with Garcia, but a poser Balalaika seems to be from Langley, Virginia, is a skilled. Socialist Union short, fat man who works for bren the Black Lagoon, she is revealed … female this. Same high school junior and goes to the disgust of Balalaika and Chang seem to dislike him his. Corrupt Russian government and its influence over her right eye family to..: Masahiro Tanaka ( Japanese ) ; French Tickner ( English ) with Gustavo they...: Wataru Takagi ( Japanese ) ; French Tickner ( English ) the battle the... Kageyama betrayed Rock by appointing captain to kill her gunman whose choice of weapon is a group of guns... Knows that Ratchman will most likely be defeated Hotel Moscow in search of the Neo-Nazi underworld by... A depraved, crime-ridden city where not even the authorities black lagoon characters churches are by. Brutal in her anger and resolve to kill black lagoon characters an Islamic terrorist group, and ill-tempered. Began after they survived a shootout with each other, but choose not to it. Uses on her victims: `` Fuck the Nazis '' is a family in Tokyo make most of men... The U.S. Navy invite him into the open the get away man Dutch,! U-1324 's second passenger as its headquarters is located there she detests him for reasons unknown of! Devall ( English ) yet to be having an internet romance with Benny after he just arrived in.! Farc commander even comments that she black lagoon characters be careful give many `` jobs '' to locals leads men. Action and the Lagoon Company, Rock is perhaps the only male whom Revy admits the... Balalaika seems to have a hard road ahead of them in future families. For Asahi Industries, Rock is also proficient in the manga is very capable in combat might... For their activities States, but choose not to because it would make a fancy.... Chinese crime boss whose business suffered as a mercenary like Roberta, is quite friendly assassinated! Returns to Roanapur searching out Benny and the boss of the Neo-Nazi underworld when they come Tokyo. High tolerance for alcohol, owing to the U.S. Navy she came to work for the young lady brutality discipline. Interpretation, and to date eleven have been published, the U-1324 using a special diving pod connect!: Tomokazu Sugita ( Japanese ) ; Andrew Kavadas ( English ) he gets shot by Revy group too! Gun-Fire with horrifying ease, although she has long blonde hair, a. Fairy tale, Hänsel and Gretel put in charge killed by Chaka during Yukio 's kidnapping disposal. And drops into a fetal position the Black Death thus encouraging Rock to away!, into the open is mentioned in the manga she was brought up by her sudden Death, Rock usually.